A message from David Yuengling

As President and CEO of Yuengling’s Ice Cream I felt it was important to clarify a common misconception that Yuengling's Ice Cream is affiliated with Yuengling Brewery. Though we are a part of the Yuengling family, our ice cream is not affiliated with the brewery, and the businesses operate as two completely separate companies.

Further, Yuengling’s Ice Cream does not publicly endorse any political figures or policies nor do we involve politics in our business. The views expressed by Yuengling Brewery are theirs and theirs alone. We appreciate people's passion to whatever causes they are inclined to; we just try to make the best ice cream we can.

Thank you for your continued support,
David Yuengling

Media Contact: Kristin Schaeffer, Klunk & Millan Advertising - kristin@klunkmillan.com