Q: Where is your super premium ice cream made?
A: All of our super premium ice cream is produced in a small dairy in central Pennsylvania.
Q: Is your milk hormone free?
A: Yes. We do our best to source local milk that is free of added hormones, steroids and antibiotics.
Q: Who owns the company?
A: We are a small, privately owned family run business.
Q: Can we see the Factory?
A: We do not offer factory tours, but if you stop by our office, we are happy to speak with you, show you our memorabilia, and provide free samples.
Q: Where can I get your super premium ice cream?
A: Please check the Store Locator page.
Q: Is your product kosher?
A: Yes. Most of our super premium ice cream is produced and certified under strict Kosher guidelines to ensure the highest quality.
Q: How can I tell my store to carry your product?
A: Please print out Customer Request Form or simply ask your store manager to contact us. If you send us your store’s information, we would be happy to contact them, as well.