David Yuengling, son of Fredrick G. "Fritz" Yuengling Jr., and Rob Bohorad proudly re-introduce Yuengling's Ice Cream.
A family tradition comes to an end when the last cartons of Yuengling's Classic Ice Cream are made. The Yuengling family makes the difficult decision to stop production and close the plant at 5th and Mahantongo Streets. The building is donated to St. Patrick's Church in Pottsville, PA.
The Dairy celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Frederick G."Fritz" Yuengling Jr. takes over as President.
The Dairy celebrates its 25th anniversary.
Frederick G. Yuengling Sr. takes over as President. With the end of Prohibition in 1933 (21st Amendment), full ownership of Yuengling Dairy Products is transferred to Frederick G. Yuengling Sr. Frank D. Yuengling goes back to running D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery full time.
The name of the company is changed from Yuengling's Ice Cream Corporation to Yuengling Dairy Products Corporation when it starts processing and distributing milk.
Between 1929-1931, business increases and the ice cream plant expands several times through the purchases of 410 and 412 Mahantongo Street, and 10 S. 5th Street. Additional branches are established in Allentown, PA and York, PA
Yuengling's Ice Cream Corporation is started by Frank D. Yuengling, owner of D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery, as a result of Prohibition (18th Amendment). The ice cream plant is constructed at 5th and Mahantongo Streets in Pottsville, PA.